Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba and the forty Thieves is an ancient Arab tale about an innocent man named Ali Baba and his encounters with forty robbers and the immense amount of wealth they had hidden in a cave. From this tale arises the famous phrase ‘Open, Sesame’ which was the code word used by the robbers to open the cave filled with stolen wealth. Come and join Ali Baba on his exciting imaginary journey and experience his adventure in a playful way. This book-app is available in English and Chinese! This book-app is specifically created for kids from 6 to 10. Give them the THRILL OF READING… FOREVER!

Features include:
★ Original text
★ Dynamic page turning
★ Character in each page can make a sound
★ A fun environment that encourages learning
★ High definition illustrations, support 1280*800 screen resolution
★ Various narration options, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. Label Chinese symbols and pinyin
… All of this is now possible in App Store and Android Market!

Personal and social abilities nurtured by this book:
★ Improving vocabulary
★ Increasing the capacity for difficulties and failures
★ Teaches the child not to be conceited in life
★ Encourages the child to exert themselves to accomplish their dreams

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