The Rabbit and the Turtle

The famous race between the Rabbit and the Turtle took place in the forest. Read the book and you will find out who will cross the finish line to claim victory. Show your children that hard work, a steady pace, and determination can go a long way in life. Enjoy endless hours of colorful scenes and wholesome family fun. This book-app is available in Chinese! This book-app is specifically created for kids from 4 to 6. Give them the THRILL OF READING… FOREVER!

Features include:
★ Dynamic page turning
★ High quality illustrations
★ Coordinated text, voice and animations
★ A fun environment that encourages learning
★ Label Chinese symbols and pinyin
… All of this is now possible in App Store!

Personal and social abilities nurtured by this book:
★ Improving vocabulary
★ Increasing the capacity for difficulties and failures
★ Teaches the child not to be conceited in life
★ Encourages the child to exert themselves to accomplish their dreams

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